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Corakjn® Gauzes

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Corakjn® Gauzes

Sodium hyaluronate and carnosine sterile non-adhesive gauze


Corakjn® Gauzes is a non-adhesive sterile gauze, ready for use, in singular envelopes. The gauze is a hydrophilic gauze soaked evenly with a cream containing hyaluronic acid with high molecular weight and carnosine.


Corakjn® Gauzes is a medical device which must be applied to the affected skin and it is indicated for the treatment of skin and/or dermis such as skin abrasions, cuts, skin wounds, burns, diabetic ulcers and decubitus-like ulcers. Corakjn® Gauzes is well tolerated by the skin, it is easy to apply and adaptable.

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How it works

Corakjn® Gauzes, applied immediately on the lesion, allows for its wetting (paraffin) and occlusive (gauze soaked) component, maintaining the correct moisture of the lesion, conditio sine qua non to trigger the start of the first phase of the regulation of the inflammatory process. The contrast to thr neutral pH, present in chronic lesions that nourishes the action of proteases, is allowed by the use in Lactic acid composition.

In Corakjn® Gauzes the present HaNa portion allows for the enhancement of damping action since the application of the gauze, and a Fibroblast stimulus action with higher collagen production.

The presence within the composition of a DM of one or more antioxidant compounds is innovative and functional in the next steps of clinical research on the Wound Healing process. In fact, ROSs are involved both in the early stages of inflammation and in the phase of migration, proliferation and angiogenesis. Redox cell potential is put to severe test by excessive levels of ROS with increased oxidative stress.

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