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Alfasilver Shield

What is Alfasilver Spray?

Not all first aid equipment is suitable for every type of injury.
It may not stay in place, it may fall off in the shower, or be difficult to use on injuries in hard to reach places.

Alfasilver Spray is a new wound treatment with antibacterial silver ions, that speeds healing of cuts, grazes, minor burns and blisters.

It covers the cut or graze with a breathable barrier. This protects the injury and promotes the body’s own healing process. It also contains silver ions, wich are well-know for their antibacterial properties. This helps protect against infection.
In fact, Alfasilver Spray’s sensitive application means people with sensitive skyn can use it.

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Alfasilver Spray treats minor injuries on the go

Cuts, grazes, minor burns and blisters happen all the time.

With Alfasilver Spray you can quickly treat the injury, even when it is in a difficult to reach place or its quite large. Which means you can get back to what you were doing.

Simple, soothing and sting-free application

  • Clean the injury as best you can
  • Shake the can and spray on the injury in short intervals
  • The spray shows as a white coating si you can see when the injury is covered
  • Wipe excess off healthy skyn and on you go!

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